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Sustainable Business Consulting
Strategic Planning & Branding
Leadership Consulting
Public Relations

Global communications have changed the way our clients do business.  From Google searches to Internet-based public relations campaigns to social media, staying connected means more than daily “chatter” online.

For companies that choose to establish themselves as leaders, content rich business communications can be powerful branding and marketing tools. 

At Marek & Company, we provide:

  • Websites -  content review & competitive analysis
  • Online press releases – development & deployment
  • Business blogs – content recommendations
  • Thought leadership white papers – content development
  • eNewsletters – naming, content & design
  • Design critiques -  current communications tools
  • Media centers – recommendations & content
  • Client insight interviews – candid interviews with your top clients

Ready to map an Internet plan that supports your business goals? Need communications counsel to enhance your industry position? Marek & Company understands how to deliver both through proper messaging and positioning.

Client Insight Interviews
Build a Better Brand by Knowing

How long has it been since you have asked your customers how you are doing?  As a firm? On a key project? As a resource partner?

If you have top tier clients whom you depend upon year after year for your revenue stream, engage us to interview them about your track record and relationship.

We develop a customized set of questions that guide the process, conduct the interviews personally, and then generate a qualitative summary for your team to examine.

The Insights? Outstanding.  Revealing. Honest. Informative. Best of all, actionable!

For a copy of our Client Insight Interview Process, email